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The first day of spring

The smells of spring are caught in the layers of worm laden leaves and pine needles spread out under my feet as I walk. The air is chilly but a sweater and light jacket serve the purpose to keep me warm as the sun trickles down on my nose and across my arms. I stomp lightly through wet undergrowth as spring shows its face. Small green shoots poke their heads up from the dirt. White snowdrops already bloomed and wilting, watch over new plants like a sweet grandmother. The tiny start of buds swell the edges of small branches, hardly noticeable until you look closely. The willows show their fuzzy gray heads, peeking out from the hard brown casings keeping them safe. I remember the willow next to my house growing up. We would sneak over, my friends and I, feeling as though we were committing grand larceny and pluck branches covered with fuzzy pussy willows. I loved to rub the soft furry ovals up and down my chin and face and arms, marveling at the way it felt, like velvet achingly soft.

I pull lawn furniture from the garage and place it in the yard, knowing that winter has probably not finished, but is close enough. Then comes the fire pit, the grill, the propane tank, the wicker bench, and a few hoses. I stop short of cushions thinking they will just get wet and moldy and maybe I should wait a bit. I sit down in one of the chairs and look around. Moss grows bright green on the ground by the water’s edge. The trees are still bare, but the daffodils are far enough up to see the yellow buds at the ends of the long flat leaves.They are coming up all over, by the house, the driveway, even the meadow. There are a few dark purple dwarf irises flowering at the edge of the stairs and these make me smile. Oh how I love spring and all that it brings. I see buds on the forsythia and even the lilacs show some early growth. I love the promise of a fresh start, the gifts from the earth the anticipation of glorious scents and colors. All of it. Today is the first day of spring and I for one am glad.

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