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It's been a bit

It seems like forever since I last wrote or posted anything on this site and for that I apologize. I have always been a great starter. Sometimes the follow through is less robust. But in my defense, I have been busy working on a memoir that my son Rees and I are co-writing. I’m super excited about it and we are currently on Draft 6 and just starting the agent search and considering publishing options. I will keep you all posted on how it's going!

The other big news is that we welcomed Archer into our lives. Archer is a rescue from Texas. His lineage and history are mysteries. We think he’s about 14-15 weeks now and finally starting to fit into the family. It was touch and go there for a while, with Isabelle growling and miserable, Callie hissing and swatting, and Archer literally pissing, everywhere, constantly. But we are making progress in all areas. The most startling thing about Archie is his ears. Everywhere we go, people practically gasp at them. When we first got him they were flopped down, lab like, but about a week later, they stood straight up and have been there ever since. I think they are a marvel. Just like him. He's sweet and saucy and endlessly funny. I'm pretty sure he's going to have a big presence in these pages in the future. So for now I will bid you adieu with some Archer photos.

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