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Today is my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I'll admit I'm surprised I am here. It is hard to imagine that twenty-five years have come and gone since that day in February in Post Mills, Vermont, when the temperature, much like today, was in the 60s, there was mud everywhere, my Aunt Shirley still insisted on her full length fur coat, because living in Los Angeles there was never a good opportunity to wear it, and in a small white wooden church with double hung windows we were married. A jew and a protestant married by a catholic priest wearing doc martins, after which we repaired to a lovely little restaurant for a gorgeous meal, during which Shirley's husband Jay Livingston, sang some of his songs, most famously "Mr Ed". It was a magical day. It's been a ride.... I'll leave it at that.

Here's the song I wrote and sang on that beautiful day twenty-five years ago today.


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