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Liz Mitchell

about me


It has taken decades for me to realize that all the seemingly disparate parts of myself work together to make me: 
singer, songwriter, poet, scientist, doctor, writer, educator. Not disconnected but rather woven together to make a whole. Finding these parts is a lifetime project. This is a space where I am connecting the lines and filling in the circles.


a bit more about me

Callie, Isabelle, and Griffin have been my companions for over a decade. They are my family along with my son, an aspiring writer, and my husband an architect. We live in an old arts and crafts house in Boston which Ned would love to redesign. I'm skeptical. I work in the ED in the busiest trauma center in Boston, where I have been for 25 years. I have many ED stories to tell but the things that inspire me to write are the emotions that come from living and the stories of people who have touched me. I am lucky to be able to do what I do, to come home to these three lovelies and to put pen to paper when time allows. I hope you will let me share some of my poems, thoughts, songs, and photos on these pages and that they touch and inspire you in some way. Love Liz

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